Technology Community of Practice

The Technology Community of Practice is:

  • A community of ALN library practitioners in the area of technology, digital skills, systems, data, innovations… and more!  
  • An opportunity to share knowledge, experience and develop best practice
  • A showcase for new and innovative practices
  • An opportunity to build a sense of community, meeting and collaborating with colleagues across the ALN network
  • The group meets three to four times a year, and is open to new and established staff alike. 

The CoP is co-chaired by Gopal Dutta (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Martin O'Dwyer (University of Manchester). 

Terms of Reference

The group met for the first time in 2018, chaired by Emily Shields from Manchester Metropolitan University.  

The CoP has also met on:

  • 14th February 2019 at the University of Manchester's Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.  The meeting firstly explored Manchester's Digilab followed by roundtable discussions on key topics.

  • 15th June 2020, hosted online by Tim Leonard from the University of Bolton.  The group looked at how libraries have adapted services through technology during the COVID-19 pandemic; the management of user groups for access eg ‘full’ staff and students vs external students, walk in user etc; how people are managing these groups across authentication services like EZProxy and Shibboleth; and how the groups are mapped internally with University systems like swipe access.