Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI Action Group

The EDI Action Group was formed in early 2022 and met for the first time in June 2022.  It is chaired by Dave Curtis (University of York) and Sally Dalton (University of Leeds). The group's Terms of Reference will be regularly reviewed to ensure its currency and that it is still meeting the needs of the ALN community.

The group plans to liaise closely with other existing ALN CoPs and SIGs and build an especially strong link with the ALN Enabling Group.  It has begun establishing connections with other EDI focussed groups within the wider library community such as the SCONUL BAME group, RLUK, WHELF and DILON to help inform its focus and prioritize activities. 

Activities of the group include: 

  • scanning current activity across ALN libraries and developing case studies for wider sharing to support development of best practice 
  • supporting the work of the Staff Development Planning Group by providing suggestions and ideas for a regular cycle of EDI focused events as part of the wider programme 
  • exploring and scoping opportunities for focused projects to increase confidence, awareness or familiarity with specific EDI issues for the benefit of all ALN members 
  • exploring and identifying how inclusive practices can be fully embedded within ALN activities in the future 


EDI Innovation Fund

The EDI Action Group launched a pilot EDI Innovation Fund in September 2022, aiming to provide small grants to ALN institutions (up to a max of £500), to support a project, event or activity which will improve, enhance or develop approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

For the pilot, the deadline for bids was the 31st October 2022 with an aim for projects to start in January 2023, running for 6-9 months. A short evaluation report will need to be produced at the end of the project.

In January 2023 we funded 6 projects, please check back for links to events and other outputs:

  • Neurodiverse Library Leaders: strengthening ALN leadership through neurodiversity.  Aim: To champion neurodiverse library leaders and potential leaders, strengthening library leadership by inclusion of under-utilised talent. (Lancaster and Huddersfield)
  • Library access and support for local refugee & asylum seeker groups. Aim: To support Asylum seekers and Refugees (AS&R) in the Lancaster & Morecambe District, working with three groups that interact with AS&R in the local area. These include Global Link, East meets West: a cross-cultural group of women; and the Ukrainian Hub. (Lancaster and Cumbria) Report
  • Inclusive Imaginations. Aim: To use the range of the collections of the UoL Special Collections & Archives and Museums & Galleries, and LJMU Special Collections & Archives to develop and deliver a series of student-focussed, creative workshops linked to EDI events throughout February – April 2023. Working with an artist, the project will reference significant dates, including (but not exclusively) Race Equality Week, LGBTQ+ History Month, International Women’s Day and Autism Awareness Day. (Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores)
    Review of the workshops
  • Living while black - anti racism talk for student-facing teams. Aim: The aim of the project is to provide an informed and different view of anti-racism from speaker Marsha Garrett, an advocate for anti-racism who uses her own personal experience to share her story. Sharing this insight with Library and student facing teams, as part of an ongoing professional development programme, will help with understanding of what it is like for a person of colour living in today's society. (Teesside)
  • Library services for international students in ALN member institutionsAim: To research how many library services follow the 'key concepts' recommended in the SCONUL report of 2007.  Library Services for International Students' Conduct some focus groups with researchers and PGT students on their experiences of studying in HE.  At the end of the project, we will make some recommendations for good practice in ALN libraries. (Bradford and York)      
  • Human Library Joint Initiative. Aim: to work together to create two separate in-person Human Library events at each of the institutions, both project teams meeting regularly to share learnings and best practice and to develop a toolkit for ALN staff who would like to create and/or host Human Library related content and events in the future. Hull plans to host their event in the spring, using both staff and students as “books”. The Huddersfield event will run in the summer for staff only. (Huddersfield and Hull)

Case Studies

The EDI Action Group is pleased to share some case studies of activities across the ALN membership.

Decolonising curriculum and diversifying reading lists

Inclusive collections and cataloguing

Partnering with community groups

Inclusive Recruitment