Steering group

The Steering Group acts on behalf of the Board to guide the development of Academic Libraries North (ALN) and its work.  It oversees all ALN activities, manages the progression of the ALN strategy and sets the agenda for Board meetings.  The Group meets three times a year to monitor the activities of the organisation.

Members of the Steering Group are elected for a period of three years, with an option for re-election.

The Steering Group currently consists of:

Photo Name Role Institution
  Rosie Jones Chair / EDI Co-Lead Teesside
  Kathryn Smith Vice Chair Northumbria
  Phil Cheeseman Staff Development Lead Lancaster
  Paul Everitt Communications Lead Manchester Met
  Michael Fake Financial Lead Leeds
  Alison Lahlafi SIGs/CoPs Transition Lead  Bradford
  Maria Mirza EDI Co-Lead Edge Hill
  Heather Thrift Procurement lead LJMU
  Nicky Freeman Development Manager ALN
  Emma Spivey Development Manager ALN

The Chair and Vice Chair are nominated from among the Board and an election will be held if more than one nomination is received.  Other officers, including the Finance Lead, will be agreed within the Steering Group. It is anticipated each Steering Group member will lead in one area, for example, Staff Development, SIGs/CoPs, Procurement etc.

Development Managers
ALN employs 2 Development Managers on a job share basis who deal with the day-to-day activities of ALN and have responsibility for the administrative running of the reciprocal Staff Development programme; serve as secretary to the Board, Steering Group and Senior Staff Group; and have an overview of the procurement activities undertaken by the consortium.

The Development Managers report directly to the ALN Chair, are employed by SCONUL and are ex-officio members of the consortium’s Steering Group.