Sensory Spaces

Sensory Spaces in Libraries - Resources

The ALN Enabling Group hosted an event in June 2022 on sensory spaces in libraries.  There were presentations from:

Dr Kieran Lewis, Occupational Therapy Supports Manager, Trinity College Dublin Disability Service and Ms. Geraldine Fitzgerald, Assistant Librarian, Library, Trinity College Dublin on ‘The Trinity Sensory Processing Project’

Pankaj Joshi, Mental Health Advisor and Sophie Pesticcio SpLD Advisor, Brunel University, London on ‘Brunel University’s Sensory Room: helping students’ wellbeing’ 

Peter Tidmarsh, Multi-Sensory Environments on ‘Sensory environments: products and services’ 

Angela North, Disability Services Manager, University of Bradford on ‘‘Meeting sensory needs in study spaces’ 

Alice Bennett, IT Accessibility Support Specialist, Digital Scholarship & Engagement Team, Library, Archives and Learning Services, University of York on 'The challenges of sensory spaces in academic encvironments' 

A copy of all the slides and recordings from the event are now available.

If you have any issues accessing the resources, please contact the ALN Development Managers