About this resource

The current team are:

Andrew Cox, Sheffield, a.m.cox@sheffield.ac.uk

Nicola Wylie, Lancaster, nicola.wylie@lancaster.ac.uk

Fran Porritt, Teeside, F.Porritt@tees.ac.uk

Jo Horsfall, Leeds Beckett, J.Horsfall@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Callum Anderson, Teesside, C.Anderson@tees.ac.uk

Susana Sanchez-Gonzalez, Manchester, susana.sanchez-gonzalez@manchester.ac.uk

Angel Cossigny, Manchester, angel.cossigny@manchester.ac.uk

Kerry Baker, Chester, k.baker@chester.ac.uk

Catherine Liberty, Liverpool, C.Liberty@liverpool.ac.uk

Dean Brown, Salford, D.A.Brown2@salford.ac.uk

Sarah Wright, Edge Hill, Wrights@edgehill.ac.uk

Angela Greenwood, Sheffield, a.r.greenwood@sheffield.ac.uk


The original team who created the resource also included: Anas Alsuhaibani, Liz Brewster, Serena Chester, Lindsay McCarthy, Lesley Macnamara and Michelle O'Connell.