Top tips for a successful conference contribution (Hosted online)

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About this event

Date: Friday 4th March 2022
Time: 2.00 - 4.00pm

This event will help improve your confidence in contributing to conferences.  It will look at the full process from writing a winning abstract to presenting in an engaging way.

We have four presentations/workshops for you:

  • Sam Aston & Jess Haigh (Manchester and Leeds Beckett) Preparing to write your first or even your second conference abstract can be quite a daunting task. In this workshop we would like to prompt discussions about what you can think about and do before you write a conference abstract. To do that it is important to understand the purpose of a conference abstract: is it to summarise the content? To engage the audience? To inform and connect with delegates? Or all of these?  

    Sam and Jess are members of the Annual Information Literacy Conference, LILAC, programme team. They will encourage you to work together and to reflect upon the following questions: where does your work sit within the landscape; why does your work matter to a community; how can you best communicate your work to the world?

  • Nic Gregory & Louise Minta (Liverpool) will reflect on their experience of writing conference abstracts as well as evaluating and selecting submissions as members of conference planning committees. Louise and Nicola will give an overview of the process from both perspectives and provide suggestions based on their observations.

    Louise has been a member of the ARLG National conference planning committee, as well as a conference presenter. Nicola has been a member of the Northern Collaboration Conference planning committee, chaired the 2019 NoWAL committee and currently chairs the ALN committee.

  • Laura Ettenfield (Leeds Beckett) will supplement the workshop with a short 10/15 min Top Tips presentation on the practicalities of writing an abstract and presenting at a conference.
  • Paul Catherall (Liverpool) will present a personal case study of his experience of contributing to conferences, highlighting how to tackle difficult topics and providing some tips on preparing to submit on challenging themes.