Let’s Talk Transitional Deals (Hosted online by ALN Research Support Group)

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About this event

Date: Friday 5th November 2021
Time: 10.30 - 12.00 noon

This is a session to discuss not only how to make decisions about signing up to transitional deals and how to balance access to academic literature (reading) with the aims of open research (publishing) but also the issues of communicating these deals, the good and bad experiences.

Martin Wolf (University of Liverpool) and Steve Sharp (Sheffield Hallam University) will talk about transitional deals from the perspective of their institutions.

We would also like to ask for a volunteer to speak about how they have addressed promoting these deals to their researchers - please get in touch with the chairs of the ALN Research Support Group (Judith Carr, Eddy Verbaan and Katherine Stephan).  If you have any experience of any of the following, please also get in touch:

A big subject that affects us all, we are seeking contributions to help with this session along with the themes of:

  • How to manage TDs when you don’t have any OA funding. Does it matter?
  • How to understand them and promote them?
  • What do you like/dislike about transitional deals?
  • Is the data you get useful? Have you done anything with it?
  • Or anything else you would like to say about transitional deals.